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Are you engaged fully with life and with your loved ones? Are you wishing for greater meaningfulness, fulfillment, and contentment in life? Are you yearning for greater vitality and aliveness?  Are you traversing a major life transition?  Do you have unwanted spontaneous thoughts and/or images? Are you experiencing creative blocks? 


I am a B.C. Reg. Clinical Counsellor and Psychotherapist (RCC #701), R. Psychologist (CAP) and Certified Hypnotherapist (CSCH). I am a director of the C.G. Jung Society of Vancouver, B.C. and sit on the faculty of the Sophia Centre (U.S.A.). My podcast, examining women in espionage through psychological and cultural lenses, is available at http://www.invisiblewomen.ca. (dotComm Platinum Award and Hermes Creative Award 2021)

In my psychotherapy practice I use Integrative, Jungian, Depth, Psycho-dynamic, and Hypnotherapeutic Approaches for adults traversing major life transitions such as relationship issues, illness, employment disability, death of a loved one, mid-life changes, and debilitating aspects such as, anxiety, depression, stress, creative blocks, spiritual conflicts and more.

Clients arrive with difficulties ranging from straight forward to very complex and my commitment is to help you restore a sense of wholeness and contentment within a reasonable/practical span of time.

Along with traditional talking therapy and when appropriate I may use visualization, hypnosis, relaxation practices, role playing, embodied imaginal approaches, psycho-synthesis, breath work, dream work, and eco-psychological practices toward helping restore comfort and well being. Techniques are chosen to meet the client’s temperament, interest and the issues under discussion.

I am available Online with Zoom, Skype or FaceTime for consultation and counselling.

Testimony from a therapist client: In working with Diane, she helps create a safe container in which to explore depth of feeling and one’s personal story. From her years of experience Diane provides tools to work with and meet what is coming up in…meaningful ways. By tapping into…one’s inner resources… transitional periods of our lives can be navigated with a greater sense of peace and at times provide us with fertile ground to cultivate purpose.” T. 

“The collective psyche shows the same pattern of change as the psyche of the individual.” Carl Jung

Copyright D. Greig 2015

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